Looming Brexit sees 49% increase in Booze Cruisers

More and more Brits are making the trip over the Channel to stock up on discount wine before March 29th – as wine lovers look to take advantage before Brexit deadline day. Majestic Wine have two stores in Calais and have seen sales increase by 49% in their biggest ever month outside of Christmas.

The ‘Booze Cruise’ phenomena became common in the late 1990s as many British drinkers took advantage of savings ranging between £2-£5 per bottle of wine to fill their cellars. Now in the light of growing uncertainty over our future relationship with the Continent, stocking up seems to be back.

“This is a new generation of cruiser millennials” explains Joshua Lincoln, Managing Director at Majestic Wine. “It’s couples getting ready for their Summer weddings now. It’s day trippers from the Scottish Highlands taking on a mammoth trek. It’s not necessarily people buying as much as they can, as cheaply as they can. Pre-orders are up 78% and the order value is up too –  these are wine lovers spending the same as they would in the UK, and getting considerably better bottles for it. And they’re doing it now.”

The economics are compelling. Crossings can come in for as little as £10 a trip or are often supported by businesses in Calais (Majestic for instance, will pay for your crossing with a pre-order of wine). Whilst the exchange rate is far from as favourable as the Booze Cruise peak of the late nineties –  an average saving of over £3 a bottle still makes it worthwhile.


Example pricing –

Codorníu Brut Cava NV Spain – UK price £9.99 // Calais price – £3.29 ber bottle.