Christmas? Let’s mull it over again

Just when you were settling into the festive season and thought 2017 couldn’t throw any more surprises at you, there is one more to deal with: white mulled wine.


It may make supposed-purists’ faces redder than the spicy tipple they’re used to, but Majestic Wine – the UK’s largest specialist wine retailer – is making a historic stand for a return to the country’s first mulled wine recipes –  which were as white as Santa’s beard.


The first mulled wine was white and made as a preservative against disease in the Middle Ages.

Majestic is now trying to revive the taste for this pale pleasure – and it’s going down well matching the current UK trend towards lighter hues.


“Mulled red wine can be sickly, over-spiced and, to be honest, not very pleasant – especially the cheap stuff” explained Richard Weaver, buying director. “The UK palate has changed in recent years, with the rise of the light, fresh wine styles like Sauvignon Blanc and Prosecco rising in popularity and showing a higher percentage of sales”.


And the ideal white mulled recipe? “Try a light, easy drinking Spanish white with elderflower cordial, a bottle of cider, two lemons and a vanilla pod – all muddled together and heated. Most importantly, only add half your usual sugar amounts as this will keep the taste keen and fresh” continues Weaver.

The flavours of elderflower and citrus will mirror those of the UK’s most popular white wine category: New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.


However, if you cannot make the mental and palette leap to white mulled there are other recipes to try. Mulled tawny port – made with the usual mixture of cloves, cinnamon, orange zest and ginger – but crucially no extra sugar is a great way to introduce a bit of surprise into a familiar looking friend.


Finally, if your taste buds can stand one final surprise Christmas treat, try a Wassail Cocktail. This is crafted with heated cider, fresh ginger and good dollop of bourbon – Majestic recommends

Colorado Tin Cup whisky.




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