Naked Wines

We set up Naked Wines because we believe that the wine industry could be so much better. The two important people – the wine drinker and the winemaker – could be getting a better deal. So we decided to do something about it.

The model we came up with turned out to be ahead of its time… crowdfunding. Our customers support independent winemakers, and in exchange get exclusive access to delicious wines, at preferential prices.

The whole premise of Naked Wines is that you are joining a community and benefiting from the recommendations and experiences of fellow consumers. Our belief is that great wine should be an everyday pleasure, not a privilege. We give talented winemakers the freedom and time to make wines that inspire, supported by a community of passionate wine drinkers, which results in a virtuous circle where everyone is better off; customers get a full experience, not just a product, and the best wines you’ve ever tasted!

Naked Wines has a fast growing and loyal subscriber base of over 363,000 Mature Angels (subscription customers for 4 months or more) across its three markets and works with over 159 independent winemakers in 14 countries.

The plan

Our model is based on a virtuous circle:

  • Doing the right thing
  • Generates extreme customer loyalty
  • Generates cash, which can be reinvested in growth
  • Attracts the best people and the best suppliers

Meet our Team

Nick Devlin - CEO Naked Wines USA

Nick Devlin

CEO Naked Wines USA

Nick was promoted to CEO of Naked Wines USA in September 2017. Prior to this he was the VP of Marketing in the USA and Head of Continuous Improvement for the Majestic Wine Group. During his Group role Nick’s responsibilities included investment analysis and recommendations, ROI analysis of investment, leadership of strategic projects and market competitor intelligence. Before moving to Majestic, Nick was an Associate Partner at OC&C strategy Consultants working in the UK Retail and Leisure sectors.

Eamon Fitzgerald - Managing Director, Naked Wines UK

Eamon Fitzgerald

Managing Director, Naked Wines UK

Eamon was appointed Managing Director of Naked Wines UK in 2012 having previously worked as the Wine Development Manager. Eamon previously worked for Decanter magazine, and financial services clients in London and Dublin for management consulting firm Accenture.

While working at Naked Wines Eamon achieved the WSET Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Wines and Spirits having passed with distinction in theory and tasting.

Greg Banbury - Managing Director, Naked Wines Australia

Greg Banbury

Managing Director, Naked Wines Australia

Greg started his career at Virgin Wines in 2004 and was one of the original co-founders of Naked Wines in 2008 heading up the Marketing team. In 2012 Greg moved to Australia to help Luke Jecks set up Naked AUS and was made Managing Director in 2016.

For more information visit our Naked Wines websites:

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US Website 

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